Monday, June 8, 2009

Santa Clara County VITA Site Coordinators Close-out meeting May 7, 2009

Santa Clara County VITA Site Coordinators Close-Out Meeting 5/7/09 Below are comments/reflections of tax season 2009 and recommendations for tax season 2010:                       This past tax season went reasonably well. Tax Wise Online was better than previous years. Offer the volunteers a pre-season ‘practice lab’ before customers. It is advantageous for the site screener to start the shift early to expedite customers. It is good practice to confirm the inputted SocSec Card number at quality review. More volunteers at the sites this year was good –when there was sufficient equipment to use. It was suggested to publicly post the rates of rejections/acceptances for site customers to see. In addition to a follow-up phone call for those customers needing to come back, it was suggested to also send a letter on IRS letterhead. Intake sheets need be properly completed in order for preparers to use as interview technique. Reference materials were often underutilized for qualification status. Wording on EIC worksheet for unmarried/under18 needs clarification or put into a 2-parter. TWO reporting feature and notice of acceptance is confusing. Perhaps have a separate intake and QR sheet section. TWO specific training would be helpful for volunteers. Having volunteers arrive 20-30 minutes before opening helps improve site operations. Increase opportunities for practicing, espec for new volunteers on items such as 1099 misc, etc. Process-based training was greatly improved. Consider offering condensed/early training for returning volunteers. Increase emphasis on training that practices actually completing returns. Try to open a few sites earlier in the tax season (by mid-January). Look into being part of the IRS/VITA disability initiative. End all training by around Jan 20 to give time for volunteers to be deployed and ready to go. th >See how to add comments

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