Friday, November 14, 2008

Desktop TaxWise Training Webinar - Day 3 - Backup/Restore

The Backup/Restore capability is undergoing further changes. On the basic menu, you can start a new backup, or add to an existing backup. The first will ask to delete any backup files in the directory, and then create new backup files. The second will look for any existing backup in the directory, and will not proceed until there is one. This may be useful when one external drive is used to back up all entries to the transmitting workstation. In the past, backups from each workstation could be saved in different directories on the portable drive, and then restored individually.

When all is said and done, I have one other additional item on my wishlist - I would like the ability to create a new directory to put in backups; right now backup can only be to an existing directory.

The ability to back up to a floppy appears to be going away. However, it appears that some sites provide a backup of the client's return to the client for them to bring back the following year. When the ability to back up to a floppy goes away, it will be necessary to save the return onto a directory on a local drive, and then copy and paste to the floppy.


  1. Train the Trainer TaxWise 2008 manual provided for the training has some confusing text about backups. For both backup methods, the manual says that if a backup already exists in the backup directory, a confirmation is requested if it is OK to overwrite the previous backup. In the case of a new backup, that would be great, but in the case of trying to add the backup, this could cause some confusion. Is this a bug in the manual or is this a new feature that appears to be inconsistent with the training?

  2. how to restore a backup to anothe computer?
    my pc got a virus and i would like to be able to have all my information transfer to another pc how can i do that?

  3. Dear Anonymous at 7:09 pm,

    Sorry to hear your pc got a virus - it can be pretty annoying. It depends on how much you want to tranfer over to the new computer. If you are only trying to transfer the returns and data from the afflicted computer to the new computer, then you just need to do a backup and restore, and that procedure is outlined in the user manuals.

    On the other hand, if you want to transfer everything, more care needs to be taken. If you copy over the viruses and malware from the afflicted computer, then you will have 2 computers that are sick, and now you have to deal with two computers instead of one.

    So one suggestion is to reinstall the applications from the original disks and then copy over the documents. Another is to do a thorough job of running scans with different anti-virus and anti-malware programs (not all at the same time of course), and make sure there are no more problems,m then copy the files over.

    Hope this helps.